Trusted by our community to lead

  • FDL County Bailiff,  Administrative Board of Appeals Deb Doll

  • Law Enforcement Officer & Author Keith Hellwig
  • City of FDL Business Owner, Bekki Fishelson Kuber
  • City of FDL Business Owner, Tracy Mathweg

  • FDL City Councilperson, Ken Cassaday

  • Former FDL City Council President, Rob Vande Zande

  • Cardinal Athletic Alumni Association President & Retired Teacher, Joe Guyette

  • City of FDL Business Owner, Pro Fisherman, and National Sales Director, Mark Schram

  • FDL Area Business Owner, Jeremy Henschel

  • FDL Business Professional, City of FDL Governing Board, Andrew Klemp

  • FDL Business Professional, City of FDL Historical Preservation Commission, FDL Noon Kiwanis Board of Directors, Residential Services, Inc. Board of Directors,  Todd Gilgenbach

  • Chairman & Owner, Mid-States Aluminum Corporation,
    Joe Colwin

  • FDL Area Business Owner, Jay Retzer

  • Manufacturing Administrator, Josh Michels

  • Healthcare Administrator, Young Professionals of FDL Past President, Jenna Floberg

  • Probation/Parole Agent Senior, LeaAnn DeSouto Hagedorn

  • Retired Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent and FDL Noon Optimists International Past-President, John Leonhard

  • City of FDL Business Owner & Women’s Empowerment Executive Director, Theresa Menting

  • FDL Business Professional, Mike Feudner

  • Fond du Lac Soccer Association President, Chad Collett

  • Healthcare Administrator, Donna Pierce

  • Envision Greater Fond du Lac Senior Director, Tracy Qualmann

Campaign Team

Campaign Manager
Tracy Qualmann

Campaign Team
Brad Leonhard
Olivia Holland
Donna Pierce
Ken Cassaday
Tracy Mathweg

Bekki Fishelson Kuber
Todd Gilgenbach
Shawn Peter
Rob Vande Zande
Deb Doll
Christopher Twohig

Donna Pierce

Lawrence Foster

For 52nd District State Assembly
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